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Property Title & Encumbrance risk assessment
AdvaSmart is a simple, reliable, efficient & intelligent platform which helps banks/financial institutions digitize the entire journey of a real estate collateral.
  • Onboarding - Automate the onboarding of immovable property with instant ownership check and validation of property on multiple parameters
  • Due-diligence - Builds a complete title chain, title search report, does an encumbrance check within a matter of minutes.
  • Monitor - Monitors the entire portfolio of real estate collaterals and provides alerts on any change in the status of the collateral.
  • Origination - Expand your portfolio of customers in both existing and new markets with qualified leads.
Increase recovery by a minimum of 75%
AdvaNPA integrates the alternate data with algorithms based on forensic analysis intelligence to improve recovery from defaults.
  • Multiple data sources - Integrated 600+ data sources
  • Algorithms - Built-in forensic intelligence algorithms to surf through oceans of data to identify actionable insights for banks & financial institutions.
  • 360 Degree view of a defaulter - Identifies undisclosed real estate properties, intangible assets & businesses of the defaulter.