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Our team of forensic professionals specialize in third party corporate fraud investigations combining unparalleled investigative capabilities with financial acumen to overcome challenges in solving complex cases related to financial misconduct, fraud or regulatory breaches. Our team has rich experience of having conducted forensic fraud investigation of 41 corporate entities across 16 industries with cumulative client exposure to the tune of INR 94bln.


Proprietary intelligence on fraud actors & patterns - Our investigations on reported (available in public domain) & unreported (not available in public domain) frauds has resulted in identification of people indulging in fraud and the pattern of how they carried out the fraud. This continuous enrichment of our proprietary intelligence helps us in detection of risky behavior.

Market intelligence capabilities - One of our major strengths is our ability to source actionable intelligence on local business conditions & hidden relationships.

Solution oriented - We take pride in being 'value' oriented rather than 'cost' oriented. We are a firm believer in - 'Clients do not remunerate us for the efforts we put in but for the solution we bring to the table'.


Our corporate fraud investigation services provides actionable insights for:


-Investors including debt & equity


-Law firms/Investment bankers


Any seasoned investment professional or a corporate planning to enter a new business or geography will agree to the fact that getting into what seems to be a profitable investment opportunity is only half work done, professionals have to continuously monitor their assets to maintain the investments in profitable territory. We help you understand disclosed/un-disclosed risks by revealing the unknown thereby help you make informed decisions about your investments. We have the capabilities to assist you at every stage of investment.

Due Diligence - Is a pre-investment exercise to assist clients in identifying potential red alerts in the potential investee Company.

Health Check - Is a post-investment exercise to keep a check on the functioning of the investee and to assure proper end use of funds invested.

Stressed Assets Investigation - Our investigation is aimed at identifying the modus operandi of fraud and tracing undisclosed assets.


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