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Why do we exist?

The Indian Banking system recorded a sharp rise in Non-performing assets (NPA) and restructured loans in the last 4 years. As on March 31, 2016 the amount of NPAs and restructured loans aggregated INR 8.2 trln, with corporate borrowers accounting for a major share.

The current ecosystem is reactive in nature, responding to frauds after the damage is done. While this could still salvage some value for the lenders, there is an acute need for a proactive system that enables early detection of fraud.

We see an acute need for timely actionable intelligence for making informed investment decisions to prevent frauds not only for the lenders but also for other investors viz. private equity funds, stressed asset players and portfolio investors who seek returns commensurate with the higher risks entailed.

Our audacious goal was conceptualized with a view to fulfill this vital need.

We, at Advarisk, seek to revolutionize the way investment decisions are made and monitored

What do we do?

King Solomon observed in the book of Ecclesiastes, "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again."

With hands on experience of having investigated reported (known in public domain) as well as unreported frauds, we seek to build an exhaustive repository of fraud patterns.

We are continuously investing in technology, which along with our repository of fraud patterns, helps us decode financial statements and analyze market trends, thereby enhancing our investigation capabilities and cutting short the response time.

Having our 'ears to the ground' is as important as decoding financial & business transactions, as this helps us understand the local business environment & provides leads for further investigations.

We are focused on investigating corporate frauds and seek to partner financial institutions in enabling them to make informed investment decisions.

What are we up to?


As per the Last Association of Certified Fraud Examiners report, more than USD 3.7trln is annually lost due to frauds. We seek to prevent that!


Sharad is a veteran in the financial services industry with 38 years of experience specializing in distressed debt and asset reconstruction across ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Axis Bank. He was deputed by the Kotak Mahindra group for setting up Phoenix ARC Private Limited, where he functioned as CEO. He last held the position of President - Stressed Assets at Axis Bank. He is a leading industry voice at various forums and his expertise is regularly called for by the Industry Associations. He is Advarisk's overall guiding angel & helps the management in formulating business strategies.


Rahul brings to the table his experience of detailed industry & financial analysis. His experience across Credit Risk, Project Finance & Equities helps Advarisk crystallize client requirements and carry out focused investigation. He is primarily responsible for designing the intelligence within the fraud detection system. After his BE in Computers from VJTI, he pursued his MBA from JBIMS & has 11 years of experience of working with the likes of SBI Caps, ICICI Bank & MSFL.


Vishal is a second-time entrepreneur, his previous venture being a foray into online groceries where he learnt the ropes of operations & people management. His unparalleled energy keeps the team going. He is a people person & building relationships comes easy to him. His responsibility includes BD, Finance & Investor Relations. His extensive network means that he is our goto man for market intelligence. He is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and has also done his LLB. Prior to co-founding Advarisk, he has spent 7 years working for companies such as Ernst & Young, Crisil and MSFL.


Ashish is a seasoned technocrat with 13+ years of hands-on experience in developing & supporting best-of-class solutions targeting the BFSI domain. He was formerly the Head of Development at CARE Kalypto Risk Technologies, where he was responsible for the development of 6 products for Enterprise-Wide Risk Management.


Tehsin is a man you will always find in action and difficult to catch up with. When he is not working he is either reading a book or listening to music. He is responsible for leading the Advarians force in Ahmedabad. He brings to the table his deep understanding of accounting concepts and domain expertise. He is a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant (48th AIR) and also holds Diploma in Systems Audit. Prior to joining as Founding Team Member of Advarisk, he spent 4 years in the field of Audit & Fraud Investigation working for LIT and MSFL.


Rusi is a fully loaded gun of positivity and liveliness. Adventurous at heart, he is fond of travelling and exploring new places. He brings with him his domain expertise and his understanding of business dynamics. He is a rising star of Advarisk and is responsible for leading a team of executives who would drive the big data initiatives. He is a Chartered Accountant and has also cleared CFA Level I. Prior to joining as Founding Team Member of Advarisk, he has spent 2 years in the field of Fraud Investigation.

Dhawal Nayak

Dhawal is a person who thinks innovation, is blessed with creativity and devoted to action. He is a big time foodie and an avid traveller again for the love of food. He is a front runner in taking new initiatives and also volunteers training session on technical concept. Dhawal works closely with the founding team members on fraud investigation assignments. He is pursuing CA final and has keen interest in Cyber Laws.


He brings with him a cooking experience of more than 15 years. Other than Motivation and Determination, his Ginger Tea is what keeps us driving.



Get a chance to work and get trained by the core founding team at Mumbai.


After the training, showcase your expertise and skills after you shift to Ahmedabad.



Advarisk is an organization which abhors hierarchy, whose people are self-driven and result oriented. Where transparency is the culture and meritocracy is the norm. We Advarians believe in equal opportunities and team work is the norm. Winning is our habit and Integrity stands tall.

We are hiring!

We are looking for self-driven, problem solvers with strong analytical skills to join our diverse team with a drive for excellence and committed to making a positive difference. Our work culture is highly collaborative and all team members are committed towards delivering a quality product which is the customer's delight.


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