India’s first real-time collateral management platform
We partner financial institutions in digitizing the discovery, onboarding, legal due diligence & monitoring of real estate collaterals across their credit portfolios.
AdvaRisk has developed a comprehensive real estate collateral management platform which is powered by its proprietary property databases. The platform workflows are designed for ease of use by credit/legal managers. A simple API design makes it easy to integrate with any LOS or LMS. We are proud to partner the industry leaders in digitizing their real estate collateral management.
Proud to be associated with
The future of mortgage based lending
Property Title & Encumbrance risk assessment
AdvaSmart is a simple, reliable, efficient & intelligent platform which helps banks/financial institutions digitize the entire journey of a real estate collateral.
  • Onboarding - Automate the onboarding of immovable property with instant ownership check and validation of property on multiple parameters
  • Due-diligence - Builds a complete title chain, title search report, does an encumbrance check within a matter of minutes.
  • Monitor - Monitors the entire portfolio of real estate collaterals and provides alerts on any change in the status of the collateral.
  • Origination - Expand your portfolio of customers in both existing and new markets with qualified leads.
Increase recovery by a minimum of 75%
AdvaNPA integrates the alternate data with algorithms based on forensic analysis intelligence to improve recovery from defaults.
  • Multiple data sources - Integrated 600+ data sources
  • Algorithms - Built-in forensic intelligence algorithms to surf through oceans of data to identify actionable insights for banks & financial institutions.
  • 360 Degree view of a defaulter - Identifies undisclosed real estate properties, intangible assets & businesses of the defaulter.
Use Cases
Build the future of mortgage based lending
Help sales team with qualified leads, improve field visit planning & effectiveness
Conduct basic fact check about the land/property, digitize mortgage lending journey
Due diligence
Complete a title chain & search on a land/property within minutes
Check any red flags in the existing real estate collaterals across the credit portfolio
Increase amount of recovery from defaulters
Why AdvaRisk?
AdvaRisk is the new Standard for automated real estate collateral management
Real estate collateral management is manual, inefficient & complex. With us, you get a simple, efficient & reliable automated solution for your problems. With AdvaRisk, you get a
  • Simple: One Bharat One API, no need to integrate individual state specific APIs. The workflows are designed for ease of use by credit & legal teams. The reports are standardized to facilitate prompt decision making
  • Efficient: 95% reduction in TAT & 90% reduction in cost
  • Reliable: Powered by property database with coverage across 15 states, 250 mln unique properties & lands, valuations to provide a reliable legal & credit analysis of the real estate collateral
  • Secure: We are a ISO 27001:2013 certified company & are committed to the highest standards of data security