Helps digitize land/property basic verification and filter proposals in seconds
The Problem
Real estate collateral check is a manual & time consuming process. Organizations spend considerable time & resources even before deciding to reject the mortgage proposals
The Solution
AdvaSmart has developed an easy to integrate API which not only fetches the ownership documents at real time but also analyzes the regional language content of the ownership documents and provides a go, no-go actionable insight
Product & Benefits
One India, One API
AdvaSmart APIs have been designed to abstract the complexities of state specific regional terminologies and provide a standardized response for rule based decision making
Real time analyses
It fetches the real estate land/property documents on a real time basis and provides the analysis in a matter of seconds
Backbone for digitizing mortgage lending journeys
The APIs have been integrated in mobile applications/web based land/property based lending journeys for use by end customer as well as applications for branch assisted journeys
Basic fact check at a fraction of a cost
Serves as a basic filtering check of the land/property without spending considerable time & resources in a detailed Legal DD of the land/property

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