AdvaSmart is a simple, reliable, efficient & intelligent platform which helps banks/financial institutions digitize the entire journey of a real estate collateral.
Product Features
Comprehensive title check supported by multiple data sources
Integration with multiple data sources across states, proprietary artificial intelligence & machine learning decipher complex ownership documents written in state specific official language form the backbone of a comprehensive & trustworthy title check
Real time check for customer success
Fetches ownership records at real time, enables check on latest data resulting in lower TAT & better customer experience
Digitize real estate collateral management
Conduct online onboarding & due diligence of real estate collaterals of new customers through platform or API integrations
Customize collateral monitoring for red flags & automate renewals
Post disbursement, monitor the real estate collaterals at a customized frequency depending on ticket size, region etc and define alert levels. Automate account renewals by presetting future date & frequency for renewals
Check portfolio collateral health
Get both, a macro as well as a micro view of collateral health across your entire portfolio at a click of a button. Use the macro view to keep a watch on the collateral health of the entire portfolio with 40+ credit scenarios while use micro view to get the details of each collateral health at a property level.
Largest property title repository
Derive advantage from the largest repository of titles across states. Regular refresh of data helps in getting the latest picture.
One Bharat, One API
Integrate with only One API making it easy for developer integrations. This removes the complexities of integrating for each state along with its specific input and output format.
Product Benefits
Reduce TAT for customer onboarding
Reduce TAT by 90%
Reduce cost for onboarding & customer servicing
Reduce onboarding & account renewal cost by 80% and improve team efficiencies
Centralized monitoring & reporting
Standardizes real estate collateral portfolio across country, enabling centralized monitoring & policy level decisions
Easy & quick integrations
Single API integration for property check across all states of India avoids business delays due to integration complexities

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