Helps get a centralized, risk based analytics on real estate collaterals across credit portfolios
The Problem
A review of the real estate collateral is both time consuming and costly for banks and financial institutions
The Solution
AdvaSmart has developed a comprehensive land & property database across 15 states & multiple sources. The database is regularly updated at a predefined frequency to provide any red flag alerts to the customers on their portfolio of real estate collaterals.
Product & Benefits
Automated check across 4 primary parameters
Provides automated red flag alerts to customers based on any negative events on 4 primary parameters of size, value, ownership & encumbrance
Centralized monitoring & digital reporting
AdvaSmart abstracts the complexities of state level peculiarities & regional language based terminologies to standardize a reporting format across the country to make centralized reporting possible
Portfolio analytics
AdvaSmart provides risk scenario based portfolio analytics to aid quick decision making
Reduce operational overheads
AdvaSmart takes over the entire operations of real estate collateral management from the banks & financial institutions

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