AdvaNPA integrates the alternate data with algorithms based on forensic analysis intelligence to improve recovery from defaults.
Product Features
List of real estate properties
Offers a detailed inventory of all real estate assets owned by the defaulter, their family members, and related entities
Multiple data sources coupled with advanced search algorithms
The platform is ingested with data from 600+ sources and is powered by advanced search algorithms to identify patterns of undisclosed beneficial interest of defaulters & guarantors
Pan India coverage
Technology is at the foundation of the platform which provides a significant advantage over the traditional players of being able to serve customers with insights on defaulters spread across the country
IBC compliant reports
The platform prepares reports used for compliance under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC), 2016 viz. Simplifying corporate structure & revealing the beneficial ownership, identifying “avoidable” transactions as defined in the IBC
Reduces TAT by 90%
A regular refresh of data, coupled with advanced search capabilities reduces the TAT for the customers for immediate further action on the defaulters
Product Benefits
Support to legal teams
The undisclosed information on the defaulter’s wealth along with the proofs opens up avenues for multiple legal strategies
Negotiate from a position of strength in settlement talks
A possibility of revelation of undisclosed information on the defaulter’s wealth encourages the defaulter to come to the negotiation table. Such information helps the lenders to start the settlement process from a position of strength
Improve recovery from defaults
Insights from AdvaNPA have resulted in 75% improvements in recovery as compared to the recovery from the collateral available with the lenders

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