Due diligence
Helps digitize land/property title search report generation and evaluate proposals within minutes
The Problem
Current process of conducting a title search on a land/property takes weeks of manual efforts, lacks standardization, likely to miss certain data points
The Solution
AdvaSmart has developed a comprehensive land & property database across 15 states. Using this database it conducts a comprehensive title search report including the title chain to verify the ownership & the passage of the title of the property to the current owner.
Product & Benefits
Powered by comprehensive database of land/property
AdvaSmart is powered by comprehensive property & ownership data spread across 15 states and multiple sources within each state which is updated at a regular frequency
Customize Title Search Report (TSR)
The application is powered by proprietary AI-ML based address/name matching algorithms for providing analysis on various legal due diligence parameters aggregated across banks & financial institutions. Banks & Financial institutions can customize the report as per their needs
Digitize workflows
The application empowers any organization with a digital first capability by providing digital workflows for the real estate collateral due diligence

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